Ghost ship

Rigging of a sailing ship against a black background

Fantastic narratives arouse often contradictory feelings among fans of the genre. There are those who shudder while others laugh. Literature, cinema and even opera (Der Fliegende Hollander - Wagner's Phantom Ship) are full of ghosts and poltergeists. With the ghost ships, one navigates in troubled waters as it is difficult to distinguish the myth from the reality. If Wagner's "Ghost Ship" is to a great extent inspired by a legend, it is not uncommon for perfectly credible observers - usually sailors - to mention ghostly apparitions on the logbook during their navigations. Generally, these are derelict ships ... or not. But the most disconcerting, most of these apparitions always have the bad habit to be surrounded with a veil of mystery. They arouse a sense of fear not only for the danger they are, but also for the drama that has been played on board and which they leave behind their wretched wake. The image represents the rigging of the Étoile du Roy, a sailboat very real, without ghosts on board and docked at Saint Malo. 

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