The estuary of Gironde -2

Shelters for fishermen along the sea

More than 600 shelters (called in French "carrelet") were destroyed during the 1999 storm. Just over 400 were rebuilt a few months later. But in February 2010, the subtropical depression Xynthia swept through Western Europe. Although the gusts of wind did not exceed 150 km / h, this depression caused considerable damage both material and human. Despite the rudimentary aspect of these shelters, being owner became over the years a real assault course. First, for environmental reasons, a permit to build a shelter on a new site will generally be denied. The future buyer will have to look for an owner who wants to sell his property. At this point, the purchaser must obtain two authorizations. Then, only he can roll up his sleeves and begin the refurbishment or a new construction while making sure to integrate the shelter into its environment. The dream always has its price ... 

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