I owe my first steps in photography to a medical intervention. My parents gave me my first “black box” for that occasion. Box is not pejorative and black even less. It was really a rustic device called “Box”. Strictly prismatic shape, manual trigger, two metal levers to handle with one tiny hole drilled in one and a bigger hole for the other one by way of diaphragms, a lens without coating and yellow filter made of plastic which I did not know exactly what was the purpose. Though, somebody apparently more aware than I explained in a sententious tone: “It’s for the clouds!”


  At that time, reflex cameras were usually reserved for the elite, the cream of the crop of photography.


  I am talking about the sixties and I guess Neil Amstrong was still waiting for his giant leap for mankind on the Moon…


  Later, covered with heavy and bulky lenses (because I thought it was more serious than wearing a tiny Kodak single use camera), I got to know with notions such as depth of field, parallax, hyperfocal distance with an antique Agfa Super Silette, one Canon A1 without forgetting my Rolleiflex. We were in the twilight of the golden age of silver while dawn was rising on a tremendous revolution of photographic practice, but I did not know yet because the results of early digital cameras were far from promising.


  A career as officer in the merchant navy sent me all over the world for years and ineluctably I was away from photography for several decades. From that period I have kept very little images. I have undoubtedly visited and seen wonders that few people will discover at least one time during their lifetime. An unforgivable mistake insofar as we do not rewrite the past.


  Ten years ago, I got to digital photography as well as the use of the wide range of software now available to the public. Better late than never, isn’t it?


  I do not have a precise field of activity in terms of creativity, but during the last few months, the idea of exploring more and more the tricky path of photographic manipulation started to sprout.

Self-taught, I am; self-taught, I will stay or… I should stay. I photograph first for the pleasure of the eyes, mine and yours and invite you to browse the galleries.


  A limited number of images that I plan to renew quite regularly feed these galleries. Only for the eyes…


  I wanted this site to be both user-friendly and without complexity to keep it afloat on my side.

Please, do not hesitate to ask questions, share or send comment if you wish. You can also contact me using the online contact form available at the top of the page.


  Please, feel free to ask questions, share or send comments if you wish. You can also contact me using the online contact form available at the top of the page.



Claude Lustier

Image of Claude Lustier