Between sky and shore

Cloudy sky over a mansion

Between sky and shore, there is the sea. The sea and the Ambleteuse Fort (Pas-de-Calais / France) hooked up to a rocky peak beaten by the waves that burst on its walls whose first stones were laid in the 17th century on order of Louis XIV. That construction was designed to protect the harbor at the mouth of the Slack River. But if the place had an indisputable strategic advantage, it was quickly abandoned. The meteorological conditions and the constant silting-up of the estuary made perilous access to the vessels. Ambleteuse passed into the oblivion of history before being reborn, a century later, thanks to the "little Corporal" the nickname of a certain Napoleon Bonaparte ... Fort Ambleteuse, sometimes mistakenly called "Fort Mahon", has been classified as a historic monument since 1965. 

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